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Tamiya Tiger 1 1/16 w/DMD T-03 & MF1 TAM56010

Brand: Tamiya
Product Code: TAM56010
Availability: In Stock

Brand New Tamiya Tiger 1 1/16 w/DMD T-03 & MF1 TAM56010

This is the 1/16 scale Tamiya Tiger 1 Tank with a DMD Control Unit. This is Tamiya’s replica of the German tank that was feared by the Allied and deployed to nearly all of the independent tank battalions in the German armies in the latter part of WWII.

  • Flash of main gun muzzle is linked with realistic 88mm gunfire sound provided by the included DMD multi-function unit.
  • Tank has forward, reverse, turns and has a 340 degree rotating gun turret, main gun on turret can be raised and lowered.
  • Pre-assembled tracks are supported with metal rods for reliable performance on hard terrain. Combined with independent suspension with torsion bar springs just like the real tank, the tracks and suspension provide smooth and realistic maneuverability on rough terrain.
  • Speaker box at rear of hull provides the digitally recorded sound of an actual Maybach engine.
  • Pre-assembled gearbox
  • Aluminum frame, metal torsion bars and sprocket wheels
  • In addition to the two channel FET amplifier for operating the two running motors, the T-03 is equipped with a separate amplifier for the turret rotation motor and the gun rotation motor.  Control system features steering adjustment trimmer for running stability and fail safe system for circuit protection making the Tiger I as easy to control as an R/C car.
  • 90 day warranty (through the manufacturer)

One Tiger I Early Production Tank with DMD Control Unit, Multi- Function Unit, speaker, recoil, flash, gun elevation and turret control units, motors and decal sheet.

Radio: 4 channel stick system with analog trim, the Futaba 4YF FM system on ground frequency, FUTJ4060-FUTJ4090 will work fine (servos not required, DMD unit plugs directly into receiver)
7.2v Ni-CD Batteries: 2
NiCd Battery Charger: Timed or Peak Detection
Misc. Items: Tools for assembly, spray and brush-on paint, modeling knife and cement.
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