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Tamiya 1/16 U.S. M26 Pershing T26E Tank Kit TAM56016

Brand: Tamiya
Product Code: TAM56016
Availability: In Stock

Brand New Tamiya 1/16 U.S. M26 Pershing T26E Tank Kit TAM56016

FEATURES: Tank moves forward, reverse, turns, has a rotating gun turret, main gun on turret can be raised and lowered.
DMD T-06 Control Unit provides main and machine gun muzzle flash and
head and brake light function. When firing, muzzle flashes,
speaker roars, and recoil gearbox retracts gun barrel, then returns
it to standard position, the hull also recoils in response to the
gun firing. Unit also includes pre-installed universal connectors
for direct receiver connection.
DMD Multi Function Unit controls engine running, idling, and stopping
sounds, also turret rotation sound, raising/lowering sound of 90mm
gun, main and machine gun fire sounds, and clanking sound of tracks
Speaker box at rear hull provides the digitally recorded sound of
an actual Ford GAF liquid cooled eight cylinder engine used in the
full size Pershing tanks.
Double pin type plastic tracks are pre-assembled. Metal shafts and
connectors are used to connect track links for heightened
Spring dampened torsion bar suspension provides smooth and realistic
maneuverability on rough terrain.
Two independent FET amplifiers operate two 380 motors for smooth
control. Independent amplifiers for turret rotation and gun
elevation motors are also included.
Highly detailed paintable plastic body with commander figure and
many other accessories molded in dark military green.
Two pre-assembled gearboxes with one 380 size motor per gearbox.
Metal suspension arms and drive sprocket wheels.
90 day warranty.

INCLUDES: One M26 Pershing T26E3 1/16th Scale Full Option Electric Radio
Control Tank Kit with, two 380 motors with bullet connectors,
DMD Control Unit, DMD Multi Function Unit, speaker unit, two pre-
assembled gearboxes, aluminum gun barrel, die cast metal suspension
arms and drive sprockets, decal sheet, pre-assembled tracks,
detailed commander figure, illustrated instruction manual, two way
battery connector.


Radio: 4 channel, receiver connects directly to DMD Control Unit-no
servos are needed.
Radio Batteries: Eight AA cells.
Tank Battery: One 6 cell flat 7.2v Ni-CD
Battery Charger: Timed or Peak Detection
Misc. Items: Tools for as

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