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Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 EP Brushless 2.4G Blue TTR6401-F112

Brand: Thunder Tiger
Product Code: TTR6401-F112
Availability: In Stock

Brand New Thunder Tiger MT4-G3 EP Brushless 2.4G Blue TTR6401-F112

This is the all-new Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 with Blue Body. Powered by the high torque IBL-40/20 2000Kv brushless motor and twin battery packs, the MT4 G3 can do back flips, pull wheelies, and get air off the jump easily!


  • Heavy Duty Steel Diff Ring/ Pinion
  • Compatible with most ST-1 series parts
  • Adjustable Steel Turnbuckles
  • New Concept Monster Truck Body
  • Compact Molded Chassis Brace and Cover
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Motor Mount
  • Equipped Front/Rear/Center CVD Drive Shafts
  • CNC Machined Steel Pinion Gear
  • Center Drive Shaft Guard for Cable Protection
  • ACE RC Brushless Power System for 1:8 Scale Cars
  • Anodized Aluminum Oil-Filled Shocks
  • High Current Super Deans Plugs Included
  • Rear, Center and Front Fluid Filled Differentials
  • 17mm Aluminum Wheel Hubs
  • S2008MG Metal Gear High Torque Servo for Steering

The differentials on the Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 are equipped with steel spiral bevel gears that help it handle the brutal torque of the included IBL40/20 2000Kv motor. The MT4 G3’s 3mm rigid aluminum chassis and brace are securely mounted and the brace cover features vents to keep the batteries and electronics cool.

The Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 features high quality bearings and full CVD drive shafts to deliver maximum efficiency to survive from the abused operation and outrageous torque. In addition to this, the ACE RC cougar 2.4GHz radio system is also included right in the box, giving you the most convenient and reliable long-range radio control.

All components for the MT4 G3 are pre-assembled; all you need to do is to add your battery packs of choice. The Thunder Tiger MT4 comes equipped with front, rear and center CVD universals, an ACE RC BLC-150C race spec ESC and super torque 2000KV motor combo, all fluid filled differentials, 17mm wheel hubs to mach up its powerful output.

The front and rear transmission on the Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 is the same as the nitro ST-1, and comes equipped with a hardened steel differential rings that make stripping a gear barely mission impossible. All of the differentials contain a full set of steel differential gears and differential fluid inside in combination with full set of bearings throughout the drive train to ensure the most smooth power transmission.

The front and rear suspension utilizes the composite nylon suspension arms as the nitro ST-1. The shock towers are made from 4mm thick aluminum plate with multiple shock mounting positions and the whole chassis is strongly stiffened with a compact molded chassis brace and cover. The shock bodies are made of anodized aluminum with quick adjustment clips for easy, quick changes. You can also fine tune for the optimal camber and toe setting with adjustable turnbuckles and suspension blocks for your demanding cornering and overall handling.

The power system is equipped with a powerful 150A ESC and a 2000KV super brushless motor that will give the Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 huge torque and super fast speed. The ACE RC brushless power system enables you a lengthier play time due to less friction in the brushless motor comparing to other RTRs. Other multiple protection features, like over-heat protection, low voltage cut-off protection, throttle signal loss protection, splash/dust proof covers, and motor blocked protection just make the included ESC bullet-proof.

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